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Fewer Oils. 
More Shampoo

Matte Hair Routine

How you know.

Your hair falls more flat than you'd like and lacks movement.

What you want. 

Texture over silky, healthy hair.

Things you should know. 

Clean hair and less oil-based products are your opportunity for more movement. 

Is this the right routine for you?

Balancing Shampoo

How Much?

Quarter-sized amount to start.

If your hair doesn't feel clean or product build-up is present- rise, reduce the shampoo amount and repeat until a thorough cleanse is achieved. We are looking for soap suds takeover.

How Often?

Daily, if it fits your schedule.

Clean hair Is full hair.

Balancing Conditioner

How Much?

1/2 quarter-sized amount on your ends.

Try cleansing before and after conditioning for fuller results.

How Often?

Daily If It fits your schedule.

Scalps that produce an abundance of oil can skip conditioning some days and/or opt-in for a leave-in product.



How Much?

4-6 sprays. SETSPRAY on wet hair will give you more lift and definition when styling.

How Often?

Daily, if it fits your schedule.

Even if you do not cleanse your hair SETSPRAY can be used on dry hair to reset for a new style

CK SETSPRAY_edited.png


How Much?

Just keep going. DRY TEXTURE SPRAY after styling.

How Often?

Daily, if it fits your schedule.

DRY TEXTURE SPRAY adds grit to a style for more moves, movement, and texture.


Need More?

Cult and King no background_edited.png

Scalp Love

TONIK on wet hair exfoliates.



HIGH HOLD HAIRSPRAY adds stay power.


Ditch Conditioner

LEAVE-IN can replace an in-shower conditioner. 

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