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hi! I'm Ernesto

Stylist and Owner

I revel in my social awkwardness—it's my thing. I tend to stare and giggle at inappropriate moments. i've seen every zombie movie made and Since sixth grade, I've been drawn to the world of hair, and that passion has never changed. Originally from Los Angeles, I kicked off my career in Beverly Hills, where I had an amazing time collaborating with like-minded, talented people. You know that feeling when everyone in the room is into the same stuff you are? That's me everywhere ive worked...

( yes I did Famous people/ and worked on stage show for numerous companies, ask me ill tell you in person,I didnt want this to be a brag bio)


A west coaster at heart, I felt the pull towards San Francisco as my next step.

Sorry, New York, not my vibe— you're cute tho. San Francisco has been a canvas for countless hair moments in my ongoing journey, too numerous to list. All these experiences led to the birth of Vesper.

Vesper began as a small idea. I envisioned a cozy studio where I could create and provide ample room for others to join in the creative process. A space for genuine conversations with clients, a personal haven where listening is as essential as styling.


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